Thinai karuppatti paniyaram recipe

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Let see how to Cook authentic tamil food Thinai karuppatti paniyaram recipe from scratch by following Step By Step instructions..

Tamil Cuisine  -  Desserts RecipesSweet-Paniyaram Recipes (entree)
Prep Time:0 minutes | Cooking Time:1 hour
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  1. Thinai rice (foxtail millet) - 1 cup
  2. Powdered karuppatti - 3/4 cup
  3. Fresh shredded coconut - 1/2 cup
  4. Cardamom - 5


  1. Soak thinai rice for 3 hours in water.
  2. Strain the water and grind soaked thinai rice into a dosai batter by adding water as needed.
  3. Now add coconut, karuppatti, cardamom to the dosai batter and grind again until the jaggery, coconut and cardamom is ground well.
  4. Heat the kuzhi paniyaram pan with oil in the kuzhi. Pour the batter into the kuzhi.
  5. When cooked (turn golden brown) flip over and cook the other side and serve.