Healthy Fish soup recipe

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Let see how to Cook authentic tamil food Healthy Fish soup recipe from scratch by following Step By Step instructions..

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Prep Time:0 minutes | Cooking Time:1 hour
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  1. Fish- 5 count (about 250 grams)
  2. Chopped Ginger - 1 inch size
  3. Chopped Garlic - 3 to 4 clove
  4. Shallot (sambar onion) - 3 or 6
  5. Cinnamon stick - small piece
  6. Star anise - 1
  7. Cardamom - 1
  8. Black pepper powder - 1 tablespoon (tbsp.)
  9. Chopped Spring onion - as needed for garnish
  10. Oil - as needed
  11. Salt - as needed


  1. Crush Cinnamon stick, Star anise, Cardamom. Place this in a cheese cloth and tie well. Note: if are ok with these in soup you don't need to tie in a cloth. tying in cloth will help easily remove this from soup.
  2. In a pan heat oil. add shallot (sambar onion), ginger, garlic and sauté until onion turn translucent.
  3. Now add water as needed, tied spice cloth bag, fishes and bring the soup to boil.
  4. Now add black pepper, salt and cook until the fish is cooked. Remove the spicy cloth bag. Garnish with spring onion and serve.


  1. Healthy soup so will not be thick. You can use meaty fish pieces too.
  2. Not spicy soup so you can give to kids.
  3. You can add cooked rice and enjoy this well.