maravalli kizhangu payasam recipe

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Let see how to Cook authentic tamil food maravalli kizhangu payasam recipe from scratch by following Step By Step instructions..

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Prep Time:0 minutes | Cooking Time:1 hour
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  1. Shredded Maravalli kizhangupayasam (Tapioca) - 1/2 kilogram
  2. Sugar - 100 grams
  3. Crushed cardamom - 1
  4. Fresh shredded coconut - from 1/4 of coconut
  5. Salt - a pinch


  1. In a pan add Maravalli kizhangupayasam (Tapioca), 3 tumbler of water, pinch of salt and cook. NOTE: Maravalli kizhangupayasam (Tapioca) should be submerged will little water over the top.
  2. Once the Maravalli kizhangupayasam (Tapioca) is half cooked add sugar, cardamom and cook.
  3. Once the Maravalli kizhangupayasam (Tapioca) is fully cooked. add the shredded coconut and mix well. Remove from heat and serve.


  1. Maravalli kizhangupayasam (Tapioca) will look like glass when its fully cooked.