Upma kozhakattai recipe

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Let see how to Cook authentic Upma kozhakattai recipe from scratch by following Step By Step instructions..

Tamil Cuisine  -  Desserts RecipesKozhakkattai Recipes (entree)
Prep Time:0 minutes | Cooking Time:1 hour
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  1. Idli Rava - 1.5 cups
  2. Hot dried red chilies - 3
  3. Fresh shredded coconut - 2 table spoon
  4. Broken black gram (Uluthamparuppu) - 1 table spoon
  5. Mustard seeds (kadugu) - 1 table spoon
  6. Asafoetida (Perugayam) - a pinch
  7. Jaggery (Vellam) - small piece
  8. Water - 4.5 (for one cup of rava use 3 cups of water)
  9. Oil - 1 table spoon
  10. Salt - to taste (1 1/2 table spoon)


  1. In a pan heat oil add mustard seed once it stop spluttering.
  2. Add the black gram until it turns golden brown, break the dry chili into pieces add them, add the asafoetida and cook for few seconds.
  3. Now add water, coconut, jaggery and salt. Bring to boil.
  4. Reduce the heat to simmer. Mix and add slowly rava; careful if you add too fast it will lump together. Cook for 5-6 minutes or until the water is completely absorbed until the cooked rava should not stick to your hand.
  5. Remove the cooked rava from heat and cool it down.
  6. Now make oval shaped balls with a big handful of cooked rava. You will get about 15 balls.
  7. Now steam these balls until done. That is if you stick a wooden stick or toothpick the cooked rava it should not stick.


  1. You can use a big hole strainer to add rava to the water.

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