Varagu pesarattu recipe

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Let see how to Cook authentic Varagu pesarattu recipe from scratch by following Step By Step instructions..

Tamil Cuisine  -  Vegetarian RecipesDosai Recipes (entree)
Prep Time:0 minutes | Cooking Time:1 hour
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  1. Moong bean - 100 grams
  2. Varagu (kodo millet) - 50 grams
  3. Ginger - small piece
  4. Green chili - 1
  5. Oil - as needed
  6. Salt - as needed
  7. -------------------
  8. -- For Garnish ---
  9. --------------------
  10. Sautéed onion - little
  11. Coriander leaf - little
  12. --------------------------
  13. -- For stuffing (optional)
  14. -------------------------
  15. Rava upma - as needed


  1. Soak moong bean, Varagu (kodo millet) submerged in water for at least 3 to 4 hours. Once soaked drain all the water. Now grind the soaked ingredients, ginger, green chili, water as needed to a batter like we do for adai or dosai.
  2. Make separate and serve.
  3. --------------------------
  4. -- Making pesarattu ------
  5. --------------------------
  6. Heat a flat iron skitter and coat with oil. once oil is heat pour a ladle of batter and spread it around thin round sheet.
  7. Sprinkle sautéed onion, coriander leaves.
  8. Once the bottom side and top side is cooked. Place rava upma as needed Fold the sides and serve.


  1. Make sure when you spread its as thin as possible for good result. you can also flip and cook then stuff with Upma.

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